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Christa Coogan (Vice-President)


Dance educator, teacher educator


M.A. in Musicology and Dance Studies, Paris Lodron University Salzburg, Austria (2015)

B.F.A. in Dance, The Juilliard School, New York City, USA (1982)

B.A. in Dance, University of Massachusetts, Amherst USA (1979)


Professional teaching experience:

2010 - present – faculty, Department of Elemental Music Pedagogy, University of Music and Theater, Munich. Subjects: teaching practice, methods and didactics, artistic practice, dance technique, fundamentals of movement and dance; university coordinator for outreach work with refugee populations.

1993 - present - teacher, Bode School, a vocational state accredited school for gymnastic, dance and sport for youth ages 16-21 in Munich.

1995 - present – teacher, Special Course, Orff-Institute

2019 - present - co-initiator and program team member of The European Mentorship Programme in Orff-Schulwerk Pedagogy, a teacher education course for teaching teachers

2003 - present - AOSA Level Course trainer, San Francisco International Orff Course, USA



-Co-initiator of the professional development program “Tanzkunst in den Schulen”, Technical University Munich (2006-2012)

-Planning and teaching team for the professional development program Transform Musikaktiv, Bavarian Ministry of Arts and Culture (2003-2006)

-Adjunct lecturer Orff Institute, University Salzburg Mozarteum (1993-2002)

-Adjunct lecturer for improvisation and composition in dance conservatories (Dresden, Lisbon, Madrid) and universities (Augsburg, Linz, Zurich)


25 years experience with children, creating dance and music performances in schools, theaters, and refugee centers.


International courses include movement and dance in Orff-Schulwerk, creative dance fundamentals; learning and teaching in and through dance, music and dance with refugee children, Orff-Schulwerk in an historical context.


Lectures and author on topics including aesthetic education, dance and music with refugee populations, and the Multiple Intelligences theory.

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