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The annual convention of the International Orff-Schulwerk Forum took place online

18-21 July, 2022



The artistic and educational potential of our natural and human-made environments


The Convention presented a range of perspectives: investigating ideas and questions, sharing innovative practices,

and exploring the intersections of the arts with other fields of  knowledge and practice. 

The Convention has finished, but registration is still open.

Registration includes access to 40 presentations from over 20 countries until 30 September, 2022.


Guests 80€

Members of an Orff Schulwerk Association / Associated School or Institution / IOSFS Individual members 60€

Students 40€

Through practical and research-based presentations we aim to: 

  • Explore ways to emphasise the importance of music and dance education in fostering love, understanding and responsibility for the natural world 

  • Share creative responses to and reflections on both natural and human-made environments 

  • Promote sustainability through our practices 

  • Inspire the development of a more encompassing relationship between nature and our well-being

Keynote Speakers:

  • Krongtong Boonprakong (Thailand) -Children are the beauty of nature that have been born into this world

  • Ioanna Etmektsoglou (Greece) - Listening to nature, naturalising the listener and sound-maker: An acoustic ecology approach to music and environmental education.

  • Duncan Chapmann (United Kingdom) - Acoustic communities, children and young people becoming collaborative creators


  • Olympia Agalianou (Greece)

  • Iliana Aljure (Colombia)

  • Franziska Böhm (Germany)

  • Andrea Donahoe (USA)

  • Pam Hetrick (Canada)

  • Julianna Ho (Hong Kong)

  • Nadja Kraft (Austria / UK)

  • Jessika Lampi (Finland)

  • Michelle Leonard (Australia)

  • Wakako Nagaoka and Ryota Kitamoto (Japan) 

  • Kilta Rainprechter and Renate Kühnel (Germany)

  • Riikka Rauhala (Finland)

  • Sherryl Sewepagaham (Canada)

  • Peter Sparkes (Scotland)

  • Ezgi Tatar, Ilkay Nişancı, and Sencer Özbay (Turkey)

  • Anna Töller and Chris Wang (Austria)

  • Doris Valtiner and Antje Blome-Müller (Austria)

  • David Wheway (UK)

Come Togethers from:

  • Argentina 

  • Bulgaria

  • Canada 

  • Iran 

  • Italy

  • Mentorship Program: South Africa and Finland 

  • New Zealand

  • Russia

  • South Africa

  • Turkey (OrffDer)

  • Ukraine

  • United States

Associated Schools and Institutions:

  • Alev School, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Moraitis School, Athens, Greece

  • San Francisco School, San Francisco, USA

  • Schule der Deutsch-Tschechischen Verständigung, Prague, Czech Republic

  • Jittamett Kindergarten, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Notre Dame Kindergarten, Osan, South Korea

  • IMMEA, Further Education Centre, Shenzhen, China

  • International School Bergamo, Bergamo, Italy

Discussion Groups:

  • Beyond the 'sound walk': beginning strategies for stimulating visual, kinaesthetic, and sonic responses to nature; moving from awareness to creation.

  • Supporting the well-being of pupils and teachers in our work.

  • Bringing the outside in: sustainability in the hands and hearts of children. Furthering children’s awareness of and responsibility for nature through arts education.

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