Are you interested in serving as a Board member?  If so, we invite you to put your name forward to be included on the ballot in June 2021.If you know someone who would be qualified and interested in being considered for a position on the Board, please contact and encourage them.


The nomination and election process is essential to the ongoing leadership of our organisation. Board members share the workload of the organisation and bring abilities to the multitude of tasks that occur during the year.


Some of the important qualities that we seek in Board members include:

  • Experience with writing and editing, finance, communications, website management, fundraising, social media, teacher education (level courses), legal matters, promotion, planning and coordinating.

  • Working with the President and Vice President in organising the annual convention.

  • Working directly with particular Orff-Schulwerk Associations or Associated Schools or Institutions as advisor or mentor.


Nominees must be members of Orff-Schulwerk Associations, Associated Schools and Institutions or Individual Members, who have been IOSFS members for at least two years.


Board members must secure the financial support, where possible, of their organisation/institution, for travel expenses to attend meetings.


Nominations may also be submitted for the office of President. Nominees for President must have served on the IOSFS Board for at least 3 years as an elected Board member.


Interested parties should go to the IOSFS website and complete the Nomination Form. 

Nominees will be asked to provide:

  • a short biographical statement outlining how they have served their association/school/institution, along with

  • a statement describing their leadership qualifications, vision for IOSFS, and the role Orff-Schulwerk plays in today’s world. The deadline for submission is March 1, 2021.

  • recommendations from two individuals who know them and their work well. These recommendations may be made by Individual Forum Members or people from Orff-Schulwerk Associations, Associated Schools/Institutions who have been Forum members for at least two years.


Members’ participation in this process is important to the functioning of the IOSFS. We aim to develop a list of candidates that is balanced and diverse with respect to culture, strengths, gender, age and geography/region. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.




Carolee Stewart, Chair (USA) (caroleestewart@verizon.net)

Peta Harper (Australia) (pp.harper@bigpond.com)

Barbara Haselbach (Austria) (barbarahaselbach@icloud.com)

Maristela Mosca (Brazil) (maristelamosca@gmail.com)

Reinhold Wirsching (Germany) (reinhold.wirsching@t-online.de)


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E-mail: info.iosfs@gmail.com


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